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      Jiangsu Feiya Numerical Control Machine Tool Co.,Ltd
      Add:Yancheng salt salt development zone road no. 649

      Main: ordinary lathe, ordinary lathe processing, numerical control lathe, drill machine, numerical control machine and so on.



      jiangsu feiya numerical control machine tool co.,ltd

      --Qualification Information--  

        Since foundation, we have 25 year’s history, existing fixed asset of 20 million RMB, workshop area of 15,000 square meters, more than 30 sets of large-scale and precise equipments, such as Double Haas Planner, Plano-slider Grinder, NC Boring Lathe and etc., furthermore, more than 30 sets of metal-cutting machines. Annual sells income reaches 50 million. Meanwhile, we are making new investment of 120 million, for production of high-tech NC Vertical Miller, and Vertical CNC, which occupies area of 79,920 square meters (120 Mu), workshop of 30,000 square meters, auxiliary housing of 14,000 square meters, and office building of 5,000 square meters.   

      --Company philosophy--  

        To county only with contribution, to society only with sincerity, to staff only with love, and to ourselves only with devotion  

      --Company Sprit--  

      Progress by innovation, overtake into top grade  

      --Company Honor--



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