Is this service free?

Yes, absolutely, the "Single Western Men" catalogue is completely free to use for both men and women.

Are there any hidden charges?

No! There is absolutely no fee required to use the "Single Western Men" catalogue. There are no hidden charges and you can enjoy the services offered by the catalogue without the need for submitting any fee.

How does the process work?

The first thing that you will have to do is to register yourself in the "Single Western Men" catalogue. The next step is creating a profile and then adding your photos there. Once your profile has been approved you will join the "Single Western Men" catalogue and can start enjoying the benefits that it has to offer. You can receive multiple letters from single women from their personal email address accounts and you can also send replies to the women on their personal email address accounts. The entire process is hassle free and ensures a quality service every single time.

Who will write to me?

All the single ladies - who are actually the clients of Ikar International, will be writing to you. Each woman has got unlimited and complete access to profiles of all the men and she can also write to any man that she likes with no restrictions at all.

How and where can I read the letters from single women?

All the letters that are written to you by single women will be sent directly to your personal email address account from which you registered your profile. Always ensure that you use your personal email address account in order to receive the letters from single women.

Why is my profile still not approved?

If your profile is still pending approval, you should login to the website and browse through all the warning messages that state the requirements for approving your profile. You must meet all the necessary requirements in order to get your profile approved on the "Single Western Men" catalogue. If there are any errors that are showing, then you must correct them first before your profile is approved.

Why were my photos not approved?

If you have uploaded photos, which are of particularly bad quality, then they will be rejected. Therefore, it is advised that you should delete all your photos, which have not been approved and then upload new photos that have decent picture quality.

Is it safe to post my profile on your website?

Yes, it is completely safe to post your profile on the website.

Can I delete my profile at any time?

Yes, you have the option to delete your profile at any time, without any hassles. If you want to delete your profile, just click on "My Account", which will be located near the top of the page on the navigation bar. Once you have been redirected to the next page, you can click on "Delete Account", which will be located near the right hand side on the navigation menu.



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I am a musician and I used to come quite often to St.Petersburg with my group. So the Russian girls played an important role in my life, I saw many of them at the concerts. I was always very impressed by them. I created a rather brutally honest profile at this site. I put up several posts but my profile obviously scared women. Only one had responded. And I knew at once she was my fortune!

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In my early 40s met a girl who i wouldn't necessarily have thought my type.. we now have a child and i can honestly say i think she's the of my life. open your mind/be happy...!! There are many people, men and women, who are so set in their ways about who they want to be, peace, good shagging to all...

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Yes, it does work! 2 years ago I made up my mind to use internet dating websites. For a bit of fun first. Then I wanted something more and joined this site. The Russian women are absolutely gorgeous! They are very different from the Dutch ones. I was so critical about finding wife online, but things do happen. We married and now I am the happiest man in the world!

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I had an interest in the Russian culture and it was the reason why I joined this dating site. I dreamed of serious relationship too and I got it! She is 35 and she lives in Novosibirsk with her 6 year old son. After the wedding they will move to Germany. I consider myself very lucky to have met a wonderful woman who shares my interests too.

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I am perfectly capable of attracting a date «the old fashioned way» on a Friday night or at the local «insert hobby here» club. However online dating allowed me to connect with several hundred percent more new people per day than through traditional physical proximity and provides additional opportunities.

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I'm from New York. Ordinary bloke, likes Haribo and kebabs. And finally! I got it. I liked online browsing this pages oftentimes, I was just looking at pretty girl. My expectations incarnated. I took a nice piece of coal out once. She was quite cold at the start, but she soon warmed up )))

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To my mind online dating is not very different from real-life dating. But it has some advantages. Writing messages gives a better chance to know one another before meeting in person. So the feelings can develop gradually. When I met my wife online, I couldn't realize that this would change me and all of my life. Now we're getting ready for the wedding!

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